Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!

OK - here goes. Bebe tagged me so here are 8 random things about me:
1. I wear orthotics in my shoes due to heel spurs.
2. Until about 15 years ago, I straightened my hair.
3. I wrote (bad) poetry as a kid.
4. My nephew is in a New Orleans street band that's been profiled by Time and The New Yorker magazines.
5. I'm related to 2 famous people - Franz Kafka on my mother's side (yes - a very famous writer) and Heddy Lamar on my father's side.
6. My husband is related to the notorious Hatfield clan of West Virginia.
7. My grandfather was a surgeon.
8. I HATE chocolate ice cream.

In case I tag you, here are the rules:
1) Each player starts with 8 random facts or habits about themselves.
2) People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their 8 things with a copy of these rules.
3) At the end of your blog you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.
4) Don't forget to leave them a note saying they've been tagged.

I tag: April, Tempest, Isabella, Julia, Kelley& Rowena (Sorry - you're all the bloggers I know who haven't been tagged!)

Thanks for the birthday wishes everybody!


Tempest Knight said...

Frank Kafka? Cool! Hehehe! BTW, I posted mine under the hottie pic. *winks*

Isabella Snow said...

Ooh, I'm tagged twice for this meme now, lol. Guess I really have to do it! ;)

Kafka, huh? It's Kafka central, here. Can't walk 20 feet without seeing his name somewhere.

julia said...

This ought to be fun!

You don't like chocolate ice cream? And I thought we had a future together...

April said...

No chocolate ice cream, huh? Guess that means double for me :o)

Julie S said...

Wow, that's so neat you're related to famous people!

I wore orthotics, too, for flat feet. The last time I wore them was at an aerobics class three years ago and I fell and broke my arm. That tainted my orthotics-wearing experience :-(

Holly said...

Niice, I didn't get tagged. LOL

Wow, Kafka? That's awesome.