Friday, June 22, 2007

Fabulous Friends

I must say, I have the most wonderful friends. They've been really supportive of my writing career, helpful whenever I need anything and lots of fun all the time. Next week my family is off to the beach for a few days but not to the $200 bucks a night mini-suite with the fold out sofa bed and the beach view if you lean over the balcony and crane your neck. This time, one of my awesome friends offered the beachfront condo she and her husband rented for the summer that's twice as big as my house! Yes - a two million dollar condo with every amenity one could imagine. And what is she charging us? Not a penny.
"It's just sitting empty this week," she said. "It would make us feel better if someone were there."
And then there's the friend who hosted my book launch party at her house since mine wouldn't comfortably hold the number of guests I'd invited. I've decided to dedicate my next book to the fab group of women who are so important in my life.
What about you? What terrific things have your friends done for you lately?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Priority Adjustment

We had a frightening medical scare this month involving my son. After visiting a specialist this morning, we learned he's perfectly fine. Then we drew a huge relieved breath and I burst into tears. There's nothing like a threat to a member of my family to grab me by the collar, shake me and leave me with a new appreciation of what's really important.
I may still fret a bit over a rejection or because that agent I'm hoping to snag still hasn't responded, but in the big picture, it just doesn't matter that much. I've been incredibly lucky to have my work published so quickly. I've been even more fortunate to marry my soul mate and have two wonderful kids.
So the next time you hear me whining about something, you have my permission to verbally slap me. I said verbally.
I hope everyone in your life is healthy and happy. That's the most amazing feeling in the world.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Back in the Saddle

OK - I'm over my slump. Back to work. We have so much going on right now - getting our son registered and oriented for college, getting our daughter to the gazillion places she's going this summer from girl scout camps to beach weekends with friends to parties and babysitting gigs. Busy as it is, I love the summer. I love that I can sleep a little later, have a bit of variety in my schedule and just play it by ear a little more.
Also, I bought myself a new toy - voice recognition software. This enables me to speak my books rather than type them. It takes some getting used to so I'm not fully sold on it yet. I find the narrative comes out a bit stiff. I have no idea why speaking it would make a difference, but for me, it does. Still trying though. I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, so if I can skip typing for several hours a day, it's got to be good.
So, what's up in your world?