Thursday, June 14, 2007

Priority Adjustment

We had a frightening medical scare this month involving my son. After visiting a specialist this morning, we learned he's perfectly fine. Then we drew a huge relieved breath and I burst into tears. There's nothing like a threat to a member of my family to grab me by the collar, shake me and leave me with a new appreciation of what's really important.
I may still fret a bit over a rejection or because that agent I'm hoping to snag still hasn't responded, but in the big picture, it just doesn't matter that much. I've been incredibly lucky to have my work published so quickly. I've been even more fortunate to marry my soul mate and have two wonderful kids.
So the next time you hear me whining about something, you have my permission to verbally slap me. I said verbally.
I hope everyone in your life is healthy and happy. That's the most amazing feeling in the world.


julia said...

Glad to hear everything turned out fine. A wonderful excuse to run down the street whooping and jumping!

Julie S said...

(((DARA))) So relieved the news was good.

Isabella Snow said...

How nice!