Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tuesday Ten on Wednesday

OK - Macy tagged me to do my Tuesday Ten on Ten TV shows I'd like to or already have on DVD. Like Macy, I'm pretty selective with the shows I watch, but here goes:
1. Sex in the City - what can I say? I'm a ChickLit lover and this is my all time fave.
2. St. Elsewhere - an oldie but a really great show from way back when.
3. Felicity - now an oldie, I guess. Love the characters and the bad situations Felicity would get herself into.
4. Damages - yes - I know it's only the first season, but I'm already in love with the intense characters and the twisting plot.
5. Dark Shadows - This one really dates me. I watched it when I was in kindergarten and then again in college and it was awful but I want it for sentimental reasons.
6. Rescue Me - I love the irreverent humor and some of the characters.
7. The Bob Newhart Show - the original - need I say more about this classic?
8. Ugly Betty - yeah, it's pretty new, but I think it's quite funny - particularly Mark.
9. Campus Ladies - Obscure single season show on Oxygen TV. Some really funny episodes.
10. Fawlty Towers - I love British humor and this is one of the best.

If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged.


julia said...

'Dark Shadows - This one really dates me. I watched it when I was in kindergarten.'

Me too! Loved it then. Love vampires now.

Macy O'Neal said...

great list!

Cole said...

Hello Dara! I don't usually watch tv anymore - (since I started trying to write for pub-- it was a choice of tv or writing) So the only one I've watched on your list is the Bob Newhart show and I liked that one - the original! Hadn't thought about that one in years!

Have a good one!