Friday, February 22, 2008

Family - Gotta Love 'Em!

If I've been a spotty blogger lately, fault lay with all sorts of goings on with my family and my in-laws. First, my parents came to town for their annual snowbird stay of six weeks at a nearby condo. This does several things - keeps me on the run constantly shuttling them places and spending time with them (which I really enjoy), and it precludes DH and I from spending our usual amount of alone time. I have to make a concerted effort to carve out an evening here, a morning there with him.
On the in-law front, my sister-in-law and nephew are preparing to move 12 hours away (this is a good thing since she got a fab job and we don't really see eye-to-eye on many things). My husband's folks will follow her after they sell their house - which in this market might take years. So, I've been busily planning parties for that event. What all this means is, the writing time has been clipped back in a big way. I find it really tough to juggle lots of things at once, yet I know, busy = my life, so I need to get used to it and work around it.
On the book signing front, I've cut back, at least for the next few months until Compromising Positions comes out in print in July. I have two events I must travel to soon, then I am event-less until the middle of the summer.
So what about you? Do you find that your writing time is cut back when life gets crazy, or do you find the time, regardless of the pandemonium in your world?


julia said...

I'm still trying to conquer that discipline thing. I manage it fine with my blogging, but the fiction writing is still tied to creating the right atmosphere for me to work. And that can't always gel when I'm having migraine problems (that's much more likely for me than a full social schedule.)

julia said...

I forgot to mention - tag! You're it!

Terry Odell said...

If I have a project on, I find busy times make me more efficient in my writing. If I'm in-between, or waffling about how a story should go on, I tend to procrastinate.

Right now, I'm in total limbo-mode. My agent wants me to do serious revisions to the work I submitted before she can send it out, so I'm waiting to get the manuscript back to see her comments.

I also finished my mystery short story, so that has to sit for a bit, and I'm waiting for a friend's comments.

Until I know where my next WIP should go, I'm kind of taking a 'new writing' holiday and trying to get the 'old writing' up to snuff.

Macy O'Neal said...

My life has been busier than usual lately, and I have to admit that if it weren't for the 100 words for 100 days challenge, I probably wouldn't be writing at all. But I hate to lose (or start over), so I've been making sure I get at least 100 (sometimes -- many times not much more).

Deadlines work well for me, but not when the day job takes from 7 am to 10 pm and I have to write either after that or before it. (I tend to like to sleep during those other hours.) Of course, I don't work those hours everyday, but lately it's been at least 2 days a week that I put in twice the time I normally would.

I'm definitely asking for a raise.

Dara Edmondson said...

Julie - I know - it's a constant struggle. Sickness must trump work, though, at least for me.
Terry - I'm aware of that limbo thing - for me, it usually occurs around revisions time.
Macy - If I had a job nearly as demanding as yours, I know I wouldn't be able to accomplish what you do - bravo!