Monday, April 28, 2008

Reality Bytes

I'm truly, totally ashamed of myself. I've never been much of a TV watcher, save a few favorites at a time - currently Ugly Betty and Damages. But with the entire season lost due to the writers' strike, reality TV has filled the void left by all the shows that fell by the wayside.
Now, I've always been one to make fun of such bits of fluff as Survivor, Dancing With the Stars, Big Brother, etc. Only lately, with nothing else to watch when I wanted to veg out, I was forced to take a taste of the reality show apple and Lord - the fruit poisoned me!
Yes - I've done it - I started watching three - yes, THREE different reality shows, one more asinine than the next. How did it happen? I have no idea. One day I was laughing about the premise that an aging rock star could really find his mate from a bevy of beautiful girls. The next moment, I was glued to Rock of Love!
I scoffed at a Beverly Hills matchmaker who makes her living finding the right woman for an assortment of California millionaires. Suddenly, I was searching the TV listings for Millionaire Matchmaker.
But my favorite is a bit less fluff (well - you could say a bit more). I love Discovery Health's National Body Challenge - thirty minute shows about some poor overweight person (or this season, set of twins) who lucks into having a personal trainer, two doctors and a healthy cooking expert working on their behest! How cool is that. Then you get to see the before and after and everything in between.
Okay - I know - I have the reality bug and I need a vaccine against any more of it! What about you? Did the reality bug byte you?


Lara Dien said...

The reality show bug has been smashed by my giant asterisk swatter, thank you very much! However ... I did actually watch those shows last night on Discovery Health ...and found myself thinking, well, if I only had a twin (or a brain, as the case may be).

Other than that, though ... ugh. I catch one of the docu-drama types (no talent shows, thank you) every once in awhile, but I prefer my reality to stay on the news, thank you. Oops. I'm missing Jon Stewart ...

Terry Odell said...

Have never been able to get into those shows. Lasted half an episode of Dancing With The Stars. Occasionally caught the last 2 minutes of Survivor (because it preceded one of the few shows I watch).

However, if Top Chef and Project Runway count, I do enjoy peeking at those from time to time -- normally when they're rerun back to back so I can see 4 episodes at once. However, when I'm watching tv, odds are I'm doing something else as well.

Katie Reus said...

I will admit that I used to be obsessed w/ The Bachelor, but after last season I've vowed never to watch it again. It pretty much turned me off to all reality television. My guilty pleasures now are Dexter and The Office.

Dara Edmondson said...

Lara - the news is awfully depressing lately, although The Daily Show's version is, at least, amusing.
Terry - Top Chef and Project Runway DO count, sorry;-)
Katie - I keep trying to catch The Office - it's hilarious - but I rarely manage to see it.

Terry Odell said...

Oh, all right. But I'm not 'hooked'. I only watch when there's nothing else on. And I have trouble comparing Top Chef to Survivor. I like the cooking, and Project Runway is just plain funny.

Julia Smith said...

I'm not much of a TV watcher in general, and reality shows not at all. It's funny - I get really into serious drama where a character cries and whatnot, but if it's a real person and I'm watching their face crumble in dismay, I can't stand it.