Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Fourteen

Yeah, I know - I missed the boat on Thursday Thirteen, so I decided to break with tradition and do a Friday Fourteen. So here it is: 14 things I love about summer.

1. Sleeping until I wake up. No school to drive to, nowhere to be (most days) and seeing sunshine streaming through the window instead of early morning darkness.
2. Cherries. I LOVE cherries, my favorite fruit - bing, Rainier, you name it, if it's a cherry, I'm happy. Too bad they're in season for such a short time.
3. Anything made with fresh blueberries. Same thing, just not quite as much as cherries. Blueberry cobbler, blueberries and cream or Cool Whip.
4. Wearing sandals. Yeah, I know. I live in Florida. I can wear sandals almost all year, but for a good chunk of the US and the northern hemisphere, sandals are a summer thing.
5. Wearing white. I love my white purse, white sandals, white accessories that are forbidden the rest of the year.
6. The beach. Yes, in Florida, we can do the beach 6 or 8 months a year, but it's most refreshing in the summer.
7. No homework. I don't know about you, but I find my kids' homework stressful. Telling them to do it, checking it, keeping up with what assignments are due when. The kids are pretty good about this stuff, but being a totally anal person, I check up on it and stress about it.
8. VACATION!!! One of the top things about summer I love. Doesn't matter where we go, as long as we get away together.
9. Floral pattern and bright colors. Sure, I like the subdued winter colors, the earthy fall colors and the pastels of spring, but I love the brights of summer most.
10. Backyard Barbecues. Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. We always either have friends over and grill, swim and drink fun drinks or we go to a friend's home for the same. I LOVE parties. Writing is so solitary and I'm a super social person.
11. Flowers. They're blooming everywhere. One thing is always for sure when I see pretty flowers: I did not plant them, grow them, or otherwise touch them in any way. If I had, they'd be dried up and brown.
12. Summer clothing sales. Since most stores are a season ahead, they have all the fall stuff on the racks and are discounting the summer clothes that we wear all year here. There are amazing deals to be had. And as DH says, I'm the Shopping Ninja!
13. Pink toenail polish. I love pink. It's my favorite color. But I don't feel right wearing it on my toes any time but summer.
14. Rescue Me. One of my favorite TV shows starts the season over the summer. I get to see new episodes every Wednesday night on FX. Yeah!
What about you? Have a Friday 14 list?


Kelley said...

I love summer but this summer is too hot for me. I'm ready for winter.

julia said...

I love cherries too! Mmm. Especially the tart ones.

Julie S said...

That's a good list. Since moving to Florida, all the seasons have been mushed together. I need to spend more time outside and learn to appreciate the two seasons - hot and hotter - more.