Friday, July 27, 2007

A New Blog

Well - I took the plunge and started a new Blog, Romance Rules with several other authors. Check it out!
On another note, I got the cover for the story my daughter and I wrote together. She's so excited, she's been running through the house screaming like a banshee. I just bought myself a pair of earplugs! I absolutely love the cover The Wild Rose Press did for this story. It's exactly what we asked for and totally conveys what we wanted.
It's so nice to get the cover you want. A former publisher, that shall remain nameless, totally disregarded what I asked for on one of my books and gave me a cover that I always hated. People had to really stare at it to see what it was. Plus, I saw two other publishers used the same image - not good. But, that's in the past. Good things ahead.


Macy O'Neal said...

Great cover! I'll check out the new blog. I hope the link I posted at my blog was useful for your trilogy.

April said...

The cover looks great! And so does the new blog :o)

Dara said...

Thanks Macy - it'll help a lot~

April - Thanks for visiting;-D

Julie S said...

Congrats to you and Raina!!!
And I can't wait to read your new blog!

julia said...

No wonder Raina is excited. She should be! The cover is wonderful.