Saturday, August 25, 2007

I love my DH. I really do. Last week he threw me for a loop, though. He shaved his head - completely bald. Now I have nothing against the bald headed look - it looks great on some men, just not him. With his glasses, he sort of resembles a tall, muscular turtle.
Why did he do this? His reasons were very honorable. His boss has breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. When she started losing her hair, all the guys who work directly under her, shaved in support. A very sweet gesture, to say the least.
Here's my problem: I can hardly look at him without wincing. I know, I know, I need to get past this - grow up. It'll grow back. And I'm trying, believe me.
Here are some strange facts regarding baldness:
It used to be a commonly held notion that baldness was a given if a man's maternal grandfather was bald. Not true. It's actually much more difficult to predict than that and just because a guy's grandfather is bald, doesn't mean it's a sure thing he will be.
My SpellCheck makes bald head into one word - baldhead. How weird is that?
The technical name for hair loss is alopecia and it is considered more preventable these days than ever before. Isn't that cool?
My dad is bald - has been since he was in his twenties. I always thought my son would be too, because of this. But in my research, I've found he may actually keep his hair.
And what about those notorious comb-overs - blah!
So what about you - do you like the bald look? There certainly are some very sexy men out there with no hair. Is it better to shave it all rather than have a ring of hair around the edges?


Julie S said...

That's so nice your husband did that!
I have to say, I'm rather partial to bald men. My husband - who also wears glasses - has a very minimal hairline and has been shaving his head for years. He's lucky because he has a well-formed noggin.

Isabella Snow said...

Wow, how sweet!

And yeah, not so hard to predict anymore from the maternal genes. Women can - and often do - experience diffuse hair loss as well. Very common in some types of people, particularly Slavs.

Isabella Snow said...

Oops, I meant not so easy!

Dara Edmondson said...

I wish DH's noggin was so well formed! I think it looks really small compared to his body, thus the turtle image.

I'll take any hope I can get for my baby!

Kelley Nyrae said...

That was very sweet of him to do. At least he did it for a good reason!

I'm not too big on most bald men either. My hubby shaves his head in the summer sometimes and I don't like it.