Sunday, October 14, 2007

Goodies Galore!

Are you a gift-with-purchase whore, like me? Will you buy some makeup you don't really need to get that free gift come-on? Well I do. The better the goody bag, the stronger the pull to the makeup counter.
As I write this, my dining room is crammed full of boxes loaded with bags of 3 books each, coasters, fine chocolates, bookmarks out the wazoo, pens, refrigerator magnets, change purses, excerpt pamphlets and so much more.
You see, along with several members of my RWA chapter, we filled 75 bags for our upcoming Holiday Book Signing event to be held on Nov. 3 from 2-5 pm at the Altamonte Mall near Orlando. Publishers and authors responded to our request for goodies in an amazingly generous way. The bags are on a first come-first serve basis and they're calling to me. If I wasn't one of the signers, I'd surely be one of the first buyers. Each bag has to weigh at least 3 pounds. They make a gift-with-purchase whore salivate - trust me!
So, if you're anywhere in the vicinity of Central Florida on Nov. 3rd, you'll feel the magic aura drawing you to the Altamonte Mall. When you come, stop by my table and say hi! BTW - I'll break out my own smaller versions of the big bags after those first 75 are gone. But honestly, you'll want the big ones - they're amazing!


Macy O'Neal said...

I'm quite excited about the book signing. Now, to make it to the side of the table you'll be sitting on!

Dara Edmondson said...

Soon enough, Macy. You'll be sitting next to me.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Have fun at the signing!

Tempest Knight said...

*LOL* I don't know if I'm a gift-with purchase whore, but I adore freebies. Discount coupons as long as they are for books.

Isabella Snow said...

I LOVE the freebies you get from Sephora! Have fun at the signing!