Friday, October 26, 2007

I am such a chick. This idea is always brought home to me at times like this morning when I went outside to a dead car. Of course, DH was at work, so I was on my own. I called AAA and the guy arrived in like 20 minutes - I was in awe! After he jumped the battery, I ran it for a few minutes, but soon realized I couldn't go anywhere because I had an appointment at my house in less than 15 minutes. So - I shut the car off. Lo and behold a few hours later - dead car again. Color me a great big DUH! My blonde roots must have been showing.
After trying DH's work and personal cell phones to no avail, I called my other husband (my BFF's ex) - Got that? He explained how to jump start the car using my son's car (who had arrived home in the meanwhile and is nearly as clueless about this stuff as I am!) And yes - I am that girly that I don't know how to jump start a dead battery. If I were one of my heroines, I'd have killed her off for being Too Stupid To Live!
So my son nearly electrocutes himself trying to get my battery jumped. I drive the car to the mechanic who says, "Yup - battery's no good."
But - the auto parts store where DH bought the thing less than a year ago does not change batteries - they only sell them. So I go back home and am forced to shut the car off again since it's 2 hours before DH will be home.
Now, DH has 2 hours between Job A and Job B (He works a 12 hour shift at Job B) so he kinda likes a little nap in that time. Well, not today. He hurries off to the auto parts store, changes out the battery and comes home in the nick of time to take a shower and head out for Job B.
All this because I'm a girly girl. The guilt is killing me!


Holly said...

LOL! I shouldn't laugh, but my mom has 6 brothers and sisters (3 of each) and of the 6, along with spouses, we have 7 mechanics in our family. If I didn't know how to jump a batter, change a tire, change the oil and do other regular maintenance(sp? it looks wrong) on a car, my uncles would skin me alive.

Actually, my mom's youngest brother is only 4 years older than me, and I spent 95% of my time hanging out in the shop with him when I was growing up. I dropped my first engine in a '69 Camaro when I was 15. Best experience of my life. ;)

But don't feel bad, my baby sister doesn't know how to do anything with her car, either. She's always calling me about stuff. And besides, I'm just barely a girl. :P

Dara Edmondson said...

I salute you, Holly. You'd be an awesome romance novel heroine, women would love you! Makes me think of "My Cousin Vinny." I love that movie - especially Marissa Tomei's (sp?) character.

Holly said...

Oh, I love that movie! I always snicker at the end when she totally puts ol dude in his place "It's a bullshit question"


I read a Susan Anderson novel awhile ago (can't remember the title, but the hero's name was Elvis and he had a hook) and the heroine was really good with cars. I loved it. It always makes me happy when I see that. And it makes me even happier when my own mechanic tries to screw me over and I point out how wrong he is. :P

julia said...

I don't have my own car, so it's not that bad that I don't know any car-type stuff. My dad was a mechanic and he showed my sister - who does have a car - everything she needed to know. She's very savvy.

As for me, I can't be brilliant at everything. That's my excuse.

Macy O'Neal said...

I feel savvy just knowing where my triple A card is, so I think you did great. Umm... isn't that what heroes are for... jump starting cars and the like?


Kelley Nyrae said...

I'd have been right there with ya, Dara.

April said...

Okay, that's funny... Really funny! I had that problem once and I kept turning the car off because I FORGOT I had the problem! AAA LOVES me. I also have a nasty habit of locking my keys in the car, me and the pop-a-lock guy, "Ron" are on first name basis. LOL!

Dara Edmondson said...

I feel better knowing there are others like me!