Thursday, August 21, 2008

Building an Ark

Heading into the third day under the nearly-stationary Tropical Storm Fay has me ready to start gathering animals two by two! I think enough tree limbs have fallen onto my roof to start a decent sized boat, judging from the overhead clunks I hear at least once every hour. It's amazing how depressing endless days of rainy gloom can be. But the weather has me thinking of mood and atmosphere in my writing. Weather is something many writers tend to overlook on occasion, myself included. But atmospheric conditions can add a lot to your story by setting a certain mood, creating obstacles for your characters and bringing the reader into the scene more. Movies are good at using the weather to create mood and feeling. When I think of a few dark movies, they often were set in rainy places like Seattle or foggy cities like London. Cold, snowy settings lend themselves to scary stories.
What about you? What sort of weather pictures do you paint?


Terry Odell said...

We thought we'd be out of town for Fay. At least that's what the weather predictions said when we left. We did have some concerns about our house, but we took the necessary precautions and knew our neighbor would call if anything bad happened.

As it turned out, our neighborhood remained unscathed. However, we ended up having to drive back from Savannah through bouts of those pesky feeder bands, so we bore more of the brunt of the storm than we would have if we'd been home. My little car behaved admirably in all the wind. I'm so proud of Zippy.

Red Eyes of Fire said...

I love your blog.