Friday, August 15, 2008

Disasters of the Head Kind

Yesterday was a rollercoaster of day! First, DD decides she wants to highlight her beautiful dark blonde hair and make it closer to platinum. Now, I've highlighted it before (I worked in salons for many years and knew how to do this - sort of). But she complained it wasn't blonde enough last time and didn't last nearly long enough. So, we buy a kit and then she says she doesn't want it done the same way. So I agree (foolishly) to paint it on in layers without the cap. She leaves it on too long and lo and behold, she's platinum (mostly) blond. Problem - her coloring doesn't work with it and she burst into tears, pronouncing, "I hate it!" On the advice of my hairdresser (who does know what she's doing) we go to Walgreens and get a no peroxide box of dark blond/light brown color and apply that. Well, the hair is back to it's original color, but it feels like burnt straw. Lesson learned.
Now this whole thing was traumatic enough, but no, the day wasn't over. DH takes her to her high school orientation and sits beside a woman who farts all night as they listen to the entire staff give advice and proclaim the superiority of the football team. While they're gone, I eat a stuffed olive and feel something really hard in it. I take it out of my mouth and discover I've lost about a third of one of my molars! So unfair since I am neurotic about my dental hygiene.
Now if I haven't mentioned it before, I'm the world's biggest chicken when it comes to seeing the dentist. But he gets me in this morning and before I leave my house, I take a nerve pill (I save them for special occasions like this) When I arrive, I tell every person I encounter in the parking lot, waiting room and in the office that I want all the Novocaine they have in the place. The dentist laughs, but I tell him I'm serious. He gives me 4 shots and then drills for what seemed like hours. When the temporary crown was finally in place, I breathed a sigh of relief. Until I get the bill.
Can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to my book signing at my home base mall tomorrow. I can't take any more unexpected disasters of the head!


jax said...

Can I just say, OUCH, OUCH, and OUCH! I guess I'm a bit of a freak..I love going to the dentist. Especially when I get cleanings, I feel nice and ready to smile.

I feel your pain, really, but I'm really excited about Saturday's signing! See you there!

Dara Edmondson said...

Thanks, Jax. I now have a temp crown and the hard part is behind me, thankfully!

Terry Odell said...

Putting the permanent crown on is nothing compared with all the grinding for the temporary. For my first experience of this type, I had to explain to the dentist who kept coming to check that the Novacaine that it took forever to work on me. At least he was willing to wait until it took effect. But it's the grinding noise and the smell that bothers me.

I say this because I have an appointment to check a cracked tooth after I get back from my trip next week--he said there's a chance after he removes the old filling that it's possible he can fill it with some bonding agent instead of a crown--yeah, right. And even with our dental insurance, it costs a major bundle.

Hope the signing went well; sorry I couldn't be there.

Dara Edmondson said...

Terry - it's the grinding and the pressure that gets me, because I make sure I'm totally numb first. Good luck with your appointment! The price wasn't horrible after insurance, but it certainly bites (pun intended)

Terry Odell said...

Problem with no-for-profit company health care --- they pay half. Big bite. And it's the "backest" tooth, so there's all the sore jaw from having to keep the mouth open that wide that long.

Katie Reus said...

Awww, mega hugs Dara!! I'm fearful of the dentist too. When I was young I had too many teeth so I've had about 14 total pulled (not including wisdom) over the course of my life. Blech. I hope your month gets better :)

Dara Edmondson said...

Wow, Katie - 14 pulled? That's awful.