Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Apple for the Teacher

First of all - I've been a bad blogger! Sorry I've been absent, but I'm trying to complete a YA novella on a deadline and have a big book signing project I'm working on as well.
But here's my real purpose in this post -- Teachers. Underpaid, overworked, we all expect them to work miracles on a daily basis. DD is struggling with her first high school math class. She refuses to ask questions during class - hence, she's falling behind. Now, DS, a college student, is a regular math wiz, but isn't home quite enough to act as a tutor. So, at his job one day, he runs into one of his former HS math teachers, and shares his sister's dilemma. Said teacher, Miss B, works at DD's school. She immediately offers her assistance, explaining that she arrives at school an hour before the start of classes and would be happy to help DD in that time. DD is thrilled and takes her up the offer. It's only been a few days, but DD already seems more confident in her math ability.
Thank goodness for teachers like Miss B.
Now I have several friends who are teachers and principals and I can tell which ones are more like Miss B, willing to help and there because they have noble ideas about education and the future of our kids. I wish you earned your true worth - way more than you're currently paid. So, thanks to all the teachers who care. You know who you are and so do the rest of us.
Dedicated to JB, MLW & MO


Katie Reus said...

Thank God for teachers!! They do so much and it's rarely appreciated :) I'll never forget my senior English teacher. What an inspiration!

Liane Gentry Skye said...

I agree, good teachers are a wondrous gift! Underpaid and underfunded...I don't know how the ones who go that extra mile manage, but I'm very glad they do!

mimi said...

mimi's very close friend MLW thanks you for your kind words. As they say, "From your mouth to God's ears!"

Abigail said...

Some of the people that have influenced my life the most have been teachers. I wish that as a society we could do more to honor them (Paying them more would be a great start!)

Great post Dara and I'm glad DD has a someone willing to go that extra mile for her.