Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Era

Regardless of who you voted for or what you think of our new President-Elect, you have to be in awe of the change this country has undergone in the last fifty years. As I watched shots of the crowd in Chicago last night, I couldn't help getting choked up when I saw the tear-stained faces of people who had lived through the civil rights era, probably witnessed race riots in the sixties, all sorts of injustices and atrocities. Those same people, in less than half a century, welcome our first black president.
I'm completely energized by the level of participation, especially by young voters. According to CNN, voter turnout was the highest since women won the right to vote! Even though ridiculously long lines prevailed, people waited to be part of the process, to have a voice.
This was my nineteen-year-old son's first opportunity to vote in a presidential election and I'm so glad he did and also saw his friends participate as well. After all, they are the future, a future they will help shape.


Katie Reus said...

Exactly! I'm just glad so many people got out there and excercised their right to vote b/c that's what this country is all about ;)

Terry Odell said...

And not only that, but Florida seems to have figured out how to run the voting process.

Going in to this election, it was pretty clear half the country wouldn't be happy with the outcome regardless of which way it went. Now it's time for everyone to move forward.

Dara Edmondson said...

I was holding my breath, wondering if there would be more hanging chads, etc. So happy there weren't any big glitches!