Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Too Much on the Brain

I'm trying really hard to finish my current WIP. I have another 20k words to go, but my concentration has been off lately, so it's been a challenge. On the positive side, a looming health issue for DH panned out well. He's fine - nuff said. Now that the health issue is resolved, there's DD's 15 year old attitude to cope with, not an easy task. I'm particularly worried now with the budget shortfall in Florida. Her school plans to cut a whopping 50 teachers next year - that's out of 200. Yes - they will be forced to lay off a quarter of their teachers! I've been writing letters to every politician I can, but I'm not hopeful. Her friends are mostly planning to bail from the public school system and go the private route, but that just isn't a viable option for us. For the life of me, I don't understand why our idiotic state legislators refuse to pass a higher tax on cigarettes and bottled water. I'd even go for the dreaded hike in the sales tax. Since this state relies on tourist tax dollars and tourism is down, we're severely short. I know some of my neighbors would shoot me for even suggesting this, but I'd even be okay with a state income tax, although I doubt it will ever happen.
Kids are our future and if we don't educate them properly, they will be dropouts. What do dropouts do? Many of them commit crimes and end up in our jails and prisons. Some others become burdens on the systems, adding to the social services rolls. What it comes down to is pay now, or pay later. Do we want our kids to reap the benefits of a good education and become productive members of society or do we want them to choke the life out of the future?


Terry Odell said...

This economy is sucking the life out of everyone. It's a great time to be shoved into mandatory retirement, isn't it! Thank goodness my kids are finished with school, although I can't remember a time when anyone thought there was enough money, enough programs, when classrooms weren't overcrowded (my first year teaching, we had 32 chairs in the room, and 37 students -- a classroom set of textbooks was about 25 - 30). This was in Los Angeles, where there was a hefty sales tax and state income tax.

People are selfish and short-sighted. If it doesn't affect ME, right NOW, then why should I care? seems to be the attitude.

I'm concerned about what will be left for my grandson.

Katie Reus said...

My mom is a teacher so I feel ya. I shudder thinking about a state income tax though ;)

p.s. I know I said it, but I'm glad your hubby is okay.