Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Addicted to Email

Is there a recovery group for those of us hooked on email? A twelve-step program for the electronically dependent? I know there's a chatroom somewhere or a Yahoo group where a bunch of people with similar issues are waiting for me to step up to the virtual podium and admit I have a problem.

I'm comforted in knowing I won't be arrested if I get caught. Nor will my marriage fall apart if DH finds out, although I suspect he knows since I always check the computer within half an hour of waking. But I have experienced withdrawal symptoms. We were on vacation last year, staying at friend's beachfront condo and I started growing antsy. My palms got sweaty and my heart pounded -- until I noticed the friend's laptop. I allowed myself a fix. Then another. I'd been incommunicado for two days and I had more than 300 emails. Yikes - it was like an electronic feeding frenzy!

Normally, email is my reward for reaching a certain percentage of my daily writing goal. So what's the harm? Well, I've noticed I now avoid phone conversations. Email is so much faster and easier. What it comes down to for me is control. It can be tough to control how long someone keeps me on the phone, but I can read their email when I feel like it.
So what about you? Are you an email junkie?


Caffey said...

LOL Dara!! I just so can't keep up with it! My problem is I want to read everything so I don't miss anything, LOL I wished there was a way that when the mail comes in, it gets sorted, LOL. I mean all they can do already that;s techy, th'y should be able to do this, LOL

I doubt there is 12 steps, I'll need lots more to help me, LOL

Its great to say Hi to you again! Its been awhile. I don't get to get on as much as I'd love to and saw your post at RJ! (Don't put me in for Jilted since I had the joy to read this one earlier). I saw your upcoming Red Sage book and can't wait!!

Dara Edmondson said...

Thanks, Cathie. What a great idea - sorting it in different categories as it comes in;-) A triage system would be great!

Pamela Keener said...

Dara I feel your pain. I also need a 12 step program for deleting daily mail that I just can't keep up with but fear I may be missing a tip or a recipe etc.
My fingers just cannot find that delete button LOL
Pam Keener in PA

Julie Robinson said...

Hi Dara,

I was talking about this subject just the other day with my DH, a computer geek, and asked him if he could show me a way to sort my email as it came. He said it was called Rules. He's going to show me maybe this coming weekend how to do it. Something about you identify key words in your email, so that it goes to different folders.

He knows I am addicted. I even get more email than he does! What's bad is that if I have to miss even a day, I fall so far behind. So it seems like I am always "catching up" on old emails. What makes it worse is that some email I want to go back to, and I may delete only 1/5 of what I receive in a day.


Julie Robinson said...

BTW, Dara,

I went to your site, and love the cover of Jilted. It was hilarious. Great excerpt too!

Daun Ann said...

I am so with you Dara, I need a 12 step intervention.

I normally don't have the time to read them all. I do go in several times a day and I'll find the ones I know I can delete with a clear mind.

I normally can't get to them all until the weekend and by then I'll have almost 150 unread in a week.

Dara Edmondson said...

I feel so much better knowing I'm not alone! I guess that's why they call them SUPPORT groups;-)
Julie - thanks for the info. I'll be interested to see how that works for you.

Julie Robinson said...

The only thing, Dara, that I am afraid of is that if all my email goes into folders as it comes in, then I won't look at some of them in a timely manner. Out of sight, out of mind.

The best I can figure out so far is to click on whatever I want to focus on---say an on-line course---and then click one of the little bars at the top that says either Subject or From, instead of Sent. Because Sent put all my emails in order of when they were received in my box.I also have files on my side bar that I drag the corresponding email to---i.e. putting each course in a separate file, so that they are at least organized that way.


Chudney Defreitas-Thomas said...

I'm right there with you Dara. I check my email as soon as I wake up and constantly throughout the day. I'm OK on vacations as long as I have occasional access. But I'm pretty sure that I'm addicted.

Katie Reus said...

You're not alone. I wake up and turn on the computer before taking the dog out. That way I can check my email as soon as I walk back inside. And this is before I've even made coffee. Maybe we should start a support group or something.

Julie Robinson said...

Too funny. I am so glad to know I am no alone. As soon as I get out of bed, I head straight to the computer to turn it on. Then I wash my face while it boots up. Then I click on my email so that it will have time to get everything while I make coffee.