Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great Day at RT Convention

Wow - what a long, busy, fun day today! I started out by volunteering at the registration desk for an hour. Then a great panel discussion on combining suspense with romance with speakers Lucienne Diver, Gennita Low, Roxanne St. Claire and Cindy Dees. After, a few minutes outside speaking with Lucienne, who is very nice, very helpful.
Next had lunch with Roxanne (Rocki), Karen Kendall, Allison Chase and Nancy J. Cohen. Good conversation. It was nice to visit with these ladies, whom I haven't chatted with in a while. After, bounced pitch off Rocki.
Next I went to another panel discussion featuring several erotica authors, including the amazing Angela Knight. Angela gave out some free books and I scored one - yeah! She autographed her book on writing erotic romance, Passionate Ink for me. Can't wait to break into it! After one more workshop, I met up with several authors, including Karen Kendall, Nancy J. Cohen and Allison Chase for an overpriced drink at the pool bar, which was so far from the main hotel I felt like leaving a trail of bread crumbs as we walked;-) After returning to the lobby, I ran into friends Leeann Burroughs, Traci Hall, Aleka Nakis and Eileen Ann Brennan.
The publisher of Red Sage Publishing then took a group of her authors out for a sumptuous dinner. Sat with Angela Knight, Liane Gentry Skye and Alexandria Kendall (publisher) as well as Brenda Williamson, Cynthia Eden and others. Awesome dinner, even better conversation - stayed several hours. Alexandria picked up entire tab. What a fun, generous lady - love her. I love being associated with Red Sage. She also could be the long lost twin of one of my oldest friends, Beverly Kelber - weird.
Got home about 10:00 pm and thought I was exhausted, although DH says I was totally wired. Guess he was right since it's 2:30 in the morning and I can't sleep! Another long day tomorrow - hope I get some sleep.

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Jax Cassidy said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. I was going back and forth with wanting to attend RT and in the end I didn't have hotel so I opted to stay behind. Oh well, there's always other conferences and conventions, right? :/