Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hijacked by the Holidays

If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm a bit of a compulsive organizer. And my calendar is my bible. So, when I write something on the calendar, by God, it will occur as planned. Unless I've made a mistake. Like I did this morning. I was supposed to drive carpool, but I wrote down someone else's name. Angry and harried, I phoned the lady whose name was on The Book and was greeted in an angry and harried manner.
Indignant, I jabbed my finger at her name on the date, only to realize my mistake. For a normal person, this would be a normal mistake to make. But as a compulsive organizer, I could hang for that!
I have to blame it on the holidays. My calendar is as full as a dentist's after Halloween! Busy days don't bother me, it's just keeping it all straight. In fact, I enjoy a full schedule, makes me feel productive. Unfortunatley, it must make me more prone to err on occasion.
What about you? Have you overbooked? Screwed up an obligation? Or is everything perfectly under control in your world?


julia said...

'My calendar is as full as a dentist's after Halloween!'

I often doublebook myself, as though I lead one or more parallel lives. I stopped keeping a daytimer when I left retail and didn't need to write down my shifts. But I still doublebooked myself then, too, so that isn't the answer...

Dara Edmondson said...

I'd have a nervous breakdown if I double booked! I'd worry all the time I was going to miss something!