Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lucy Bakes - Again!

As I may have mentioned before, I am neurotic about keeping my house clean. Unfortunately, I'm a lousy baker who tends toward explosive baking disasters like the one pictured here - taken moments ago as I attempted to make the one and only type of cookie I bake successfully every time. My KitchenAid coughed furiously after I dumped powdered cocoa into a moving beater. Amazingly, this was not the first eruption from this very batch. A clump of sugar, oil and vanilla plopped onto the floor when I raised the beater, caked with goo. My bad!
Miracle of miracle, these resilient cookies came out perfect - again. Wish I could charm all my other cookie recipes that regularly give me the finger every second or third time I take a stab at them.
After I bake, I must clean the entire kitchen - the splatters on the ceiling, the batter droplets on the floor and today - even on my winter white suede shoes! The only bright spot in the kitchen was the mixer's beater, bowl and the wooden spoon I used. My son and his friend volunteered to make them easier to clean by lapping up any unused batter. So, it's back to the kitchen to undo all the damage I've done - oh yeah, and to sample a chocolate crackle cookie! Have a terrific holiday!

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