Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm in Print!

Yeah! It's finally here. (Drum roll, please) My first print book, Rose Petals, Volume III, is available to order at The Wild Rose Press. It is an erotic anthology featuring my short story, Desert of Desire. The way I got into this book was by entering a contest sponsored by the publisher. One of my critique partners, Terry Odell, talked me into entering. I did, even though I hadn't written a short story since college! Well, I won my category and Terry won hers, thankfully. (Might have been awkward if one of us won and the other didn't!) We were not in the same book originally (there are three anthologies) until Terry spoke up and asked if we could be.

On another note, my son called yesterday from New York, where he's Spring Breaking. Seems he was ice skating at Rockefeller Center. Not bad for a native Floridian! (Rumor has it that there is an ice rink somewhere in Orlando, although no one seems to know where. I think it's a myth.)


Julie S said...

I LOVE the new blog, Dara! Good job!

Caffey said...

Congrats Dara. I saw the anthology up and looking forward to reading yours and the whole anthology! Too its great to see all that you have out (and how much catching up I have!). Too love your blog. I'll be saving it to visit!
Sounds like your son had fun. Even as I grew up in the snow, I never could get the balance to ice skate, so its so much a skill! and I heard fun (except when you fall often LOL)