Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pulling the Wool Over my Eyes

OK - when will my DH learn that he's not swift enough to fool me? This week's example: Deodorant. A few days ago, he tells me he's almost out of his deodorant. Rather than write it on the shopping list , which is posted on the fridge, he never says another word about it. Now, I am funny about MY stuff. I don't share things like toothpaste and deodorant, even with the man I sleep with. Another way I'm funny about my things is I always put them in exactly the same place after I use them. So, imagine my surprise when my deodorant was on the wrong shelf in the medicine cabinet. Then it happened again the next day. So, now I do a little investigative work. I look through his mish-mash drawer where he keeps his things all willy-nilly. No deodorant! And he thinks I don't know. Will he realize I've abandoned that deodorant for the one I keep in my vanity? (Because God forbid I'll use it after he has!) He'll never get it. Not only that - he'll finish mine and leave it there empty, mark my words. It's a good thing I love him!


Caffey said...

I get things like Secret that he won't use, LOL. I get spray now in case someone borrows mine and I don't know. Otherwise one thing I made sure we always had plenty of extra personal hygiene items here so we don't run out! Go buy him a few, LOL. That will keep him away :)

Dara Edmondson said...

I got him extras today - and extra for me. Doesn't matter to him! If he's out, he'll use whatever he can find. After he read my post, he promised to stop taking mine as long as I stop writing about him on my blog!

Caffey said...

ROFL. Let me know if that works. Then I can try that, LOL.

By the way this blog is beautiful!