Friday, April 20, 2007

How Do You Take Your Stress?

I've come to the conclusion that I was born with curly hair because I frazzle so easily. I probably had a stressful time in the womb! And I don't handle stress well. My stomach aches, my head pounds, me heart palpitates. I even had to get a prescription for some happy pills a few years ago that I take occasionally.

On the other hand, my DH deals with life and death situations day in, day out and stays cool as a cucumber the entire time. The only thing that gets his heart racing is the kids, but they're teenagers and no mortal being could handle their daily dilemmas without getting just a little hot under the collar. He told me over dinner yesterday that he had to do CPR on someone at his part time job that day. Paramedics were on the scene within a few minutes, but in the mean time, he kept her alive.

"You saved her life," I said. He waved away my comment with a "Nah." When I questioned him about it, he said his adrenaline didn't even get going. I'd have keeled over myself if I ever had to do something like that.

So what about you? How do you take your stress?


Isabella Snow said...

I work best under pressure.

Probably because I'm a lazy chit if I don't have one.

I stress if I know something big is coming and it'll be a while before it happens.

But in emergencies and things like that, I don't stress and usually take charge and sort everything out.

Probably because I'm somewhat desensitized and am easily able to separate myself emotionally.

Julie S said...

I'm such a wuss when I have too much stress. I don't sleep, I get sick and I overeat. I scare my husband.

Now that you mention it, the thought of having teenagers someday freaks me out.

Cole said...

lol! I... and I hate to admit this but anyone who really knows me well, knows this I guess sooooo... anyhow,I get the giggles. The more serious the situation... the harder and uncontrolled my giggling! THAT IS NOT GOOD in case your wondering. When there is blood spewing all over the place the last thing one needs is the main adult bent over with tears running down her face because she's laughing so hard. :( A nervous reaction I guess. But its been damn inconvient at times!


Dara Edmondson said...

I can see where that would be a problem, Cole!