Monday, April 30, 2007

The Shopping Ninja

My DH calls me the Shopping Ninja because I can sniff out a good deal a mile away. Every week I devour the grocery store sale add, searching for great deals like buy one and get one free. Then I go through my personal collection of coupons and before you know it, I'm getting like $50 worth of free stuff in a $40 order. It's cool. I collect the linens store $5 off coupons and combine them with the 20% off coupons and buy items on sale. The process has become a sort of treasure hunt. I'm not cheap - I'm just on a mission!

I recently learned that one of my friends is the Grand Poobah of Shopping. She totally runs circles around me. She finds these drug store deals where you buy items then send in the receipts for a rebate for the full purchase price. She even showed me how you find the items that qualify. What about you? Do you have any shopping secrets to share?

By the way, you should check out the new blog from the ladies that brought us Sanctuary's Finest. Their new place is called Book Binge and they do reviews, author interviews, all kinds of fun stuff. So check it out.


April said...

I love a great deal. But I'm terrible about forgetting to take my coupons with me. Although last Saturday I did make my pregnant friend make two trips to the same store with me so I could buy 4 items with 4 coupons that you could only use on one item per visit. But hey, I got them :o)

Isabella Snow said...

I love to buy things on sale - I do winter shopping in summer, and summer in winter. Fortunately, I dress classic and so my style says pretty much the same.

Bebe Thomas said...

I love a bargain! I never, never buy full price. I always stock up on sales.