Tuesday, April 3, 2007


OK - I've lost it - totally lost it. I haven't touched my Work in Progress for better than a week. Somehow, I have to find the thread I've dropped. You see, I've done author days, editing, promotional events, prepared for my RWA chapter meeting, done preparation for a Passover Seder we hosted last night - everything but write! I had a dream last night that I'd finished it, yet the first draft is a mere 30% complete. So, I've set today as my new beginning day. The first thing I have to do is reread the entire thing, which isn't a bad thing, since I edit as I go. It's such a fun book, I honestly can't wait to return to it. But I know I'll be lucky to get through reading that first hundred pages today. Instead of kicking myself, I'm looking at this as a learning experience. From now on, I write every day - even if I only write a single sentence. I must stay with my WIP until it's ready to leave the nest. Call it a very late New Year's resolution!


Kelley said...

I've gone through times like that. They're hard but you just have to write yourself out of it :)

Julie S said...

You deserve a break with the way you write. But then again, pledging to write every day, even a little bit, is good. I should do that.