Monday, April 9, 2007

Promotion versus Procrastination

Okay - I'm at that point in my WIP - the part where you're not exactly sure how to arrive at the place you want to be. So, I find the most convenient and almost guilt-free escape - promotion. How can I feel too guilty when I'm boosting sales for my current releases or upcoming one? Can you hear that pesky little voice saying, "You can do both." Let's squash it.
The kicker is, I love my WIP. It's been such fun to write. Maybe I'm focusing on too many things. I'm getting ready for my first book signing this weekend by making adorable little giveaway bags, filled with cool promo items. This has required trips to party stores, office supply stores and craft shops. Sound like excuses? Okay. I'll get back to work now.


julia said...

Since your book signing is actually coming up this weekend, I think you're safe to call it promotion. If your book signing was part of your self-motivational imagery and you were still making up loot bags, I'd say you were in procrastination territory.

Kelley said...

Promotion is good!! Some times it helps to give it a day or two and work on something else.

Stacy Dawn said...

Oh I can so relate right now. Love the wip but coming to the hard-to-write spot in trying to maked it come out sounding right LOL